By Sebastian Kowalski

Feel Viscri's Uniqueness

Discover the Authentic Charm of Viscri through a Collection of Hand-Picked Activities

Embrace the extraordinary journey of discovering Viscri's authentic charm through a curated list of activities that I've hand-picked for their ability to truly embody the unique essence of this remarkable tourist destination. Engage with local artisans, explore historic architectural wonders like the Viscri Fortified Church, or simply immerse yourself in the daily rural rhythms that so captivated Prince Charles, leading him to frequently retreat to this Transylvanian haven. Every activity showcases the distinctiveness of Viscri, opening a portal to the captivating spirit of this alluring destination.

1. Viscri Saxon village day trip

Activity highlights:

Racos Geological Complex: Experience the grandeur of the geological complex in Racos, highlighting 15 meter high basalt columns, the vibrant Emerald Lake, and a volcanic canyon, all offering an impression of a miniature Grand Canyon.

Historic Sukosd Bethlen Castle: Journey back in time with a visit to the Sukosd Bethlen Castle in the village of Racos, offering panoramic views from its tower and deep insights into the area's history.

Rupea Citadel: Explore the ancient Rupea citadel, one of Romania's oldest archaeological sites, majestically perched atop a hill, where evidence of human settlements dates back to the Paleolithic and early Neolithic era.

Unesco Heritage Site Viscri: Discover the picturesque village of Viscri, renowned as Prince Charles' Romanian home and listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Here, visit the White Church, a modest yet impressive fortress from the Middle Ages.

Authentic Transylvanian Cuisine: Conclude your day with a delightful traditional meal at a local barn in Viscri. Enjoy the seasonal menu, crafted from fresh ingredients sourced from a network of small farmers, providing an authentic culinary experience.


2. Five-Day King Charles' Transylvania Private Tour

Activity highlights:

Explore Viscri Saxon Village: Visit the charming Viscri Saxon Village, where King Charles III purchased his first house in Transylvania. Immerse yourself in the village's rich history and admire the well-preserved 700-year-old Fortified Church. Interact with the friendly locals and get a glimpse into their traditional way of life.

Authentic Accommodations: Stay in historic houses restored by the Mihai Eminescu Trust and Count Kalnoky. Experience the genuine charm of these traditional accommodations, including the opportunity to spend a night in The King's house in Zalan Valley Village. Enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the surroundings, and indulge in a traditional home-cooked dinner.

King Charles' Love for Transylvania: Discover the deep affection King Charles III developed for Transylvania, which led him to actively participate in the restoration and preservation of Saxon villages. His ongoing involvement with the region's cultural heritage has contributed to the rebirth of these communities and opened doors for visitors to enjoy an authentic and immersive experience.

Rich Transylvanian Heritage: As you journey through Transylvania, visit other notable destinations such as Sinaia's Peles Palace, Brasov Medieval City, Sighisoara Medieval Citadel, and Biertan Fortified Church. Marvel at the architectural splendor and historical significance of these landmarks, gaining insights into the region's fascinating past.


3. Private Guided Day Trip to Sighisoara and Viscri

Activity highlights:

Sighisoara's Timeless Charm: Explore the enchanting town of Sighisoara, a perfectly preserved 16th-century gem. Join a fascinating 2-hour walking tour to discover its captivating history, from its nine towers and cobbled streets to the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, the historical figure who inspired the legendary Count Dracula. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of this unique destination.

Viscri's Fortified Churches: Journey to the village of Viscri, home to its remarkable fortified churches, including one of the six UNESCO World Heritage sites in the region. Experience the cultural significance and historical importance of these architectural marvels. Discover how Viscri has been diligently preserved with the support of various associations and the patronage of Charles, Prince of Wales.